What to wear to your photoshoot

The age-old question..."what should I wear?"

I often get asked for recommendations on the perfect attire for a photo shoot with me. There are a few rules that I generally encourage clients to stick to, but as we know rules are made to be broken and there are always exceptions to these suggestions depending on the vibe you wish to portray through your images.

In my initial correspondence to newly-booked clients, I suggest they keep it simple, casual and neutral. Most of all I encourage them to think about how their outfits will look side by side. I also suggest throwing in a little colour or a beautiful, timeless pattern, whilst avoiding any clashing, busy patterns, as well as logo or branded clothing as these will date. It is also important to note that the whole fam bam does not need to match in white! 

Having said all of this, there is nothing I love more than capturing people in their natural element. For my daughters, that involves being dressed in their older (boy) cousins' hand-me-downs, messy, unkept hair and black as-soot-soles of their feet (and tops of their feet for that matter). Oh, and throw in the odd tutu here and there. For others, it may be head to toe in surf-branded threads, or prim and proper in insta-worthy, hand-made linen bloomers, floaty tops and t-bar sandals (both of which I LOVE by the way). Now, don't get me wrong, we do dress up at my house sometimes and I adore our "special occasion" images of the girls in trendy outfits and floral headbands. And shoes. I like having a mix of both to remind me of their wild days, and also their wild days in stylish, matching, un-stained clothes.

At the end of the day, the clothes you select will have a great impact on the overall vibe of your photos. No matter who takes your photo, you will still be wearing the same clothes on the other side of the shoot (I am no photoshop wizard...or witch more precisely!) So if you are hoping for a more styled look, select clothes that match that vibe. If you hope to capture the every-day wardrobe, go for that. This goes for props too. I often suggest brining along a special toy or heirloom blanket, especially for location shoots with babies and toddlers. Always have a think about how it will look in your images -generally something that will not date the photos and that matches the aesthetic you have in mind. Above all, always feel free to communicate what you are after with me beforehand. You can shoot through ideas, and I can assist with some suggestions.

A more detailed post with some brand suggestions coming up shortly!


Girls in their regular attire

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