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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Everybody needs a why. That thing that drives us. Motivates us. Here's a little about mine.

1. I had little to no knowledge of photography until about 2012 when I was gifted my first camera (well, one that wasn't one of those tiny pocket cameras we all used before phones had crazy good cameras - remember those?!) as a wedding gift.

2. I was amazed at the images I shot using my little SONY NEX5n, but my addiction didn't take hold until a friend introduced me to Lightroom.

3. Editing was more than just manipulation of my images. It was an escape and a way to take control of my own mind, allowing me to relax and help me become more positive and confident. It was life changing. I had finally found the creative outlet my brain had been craving and the confidence that I could achieve something. 

4. After the birth of my eldest daughter, it became much more than capturing some (awesome) scenery (night/street/landscape was my jam). I needed a way to preserve her, so that I could remember everything about her. Details. Details. Details.

5. Our second child was born and it hit me - it was unlikely i'd be traveling far and wide for many years. How was I going to stay inspired and relevant when I struggled to travel five minutes without my baby? So I worked on my technique and the ability to capture something different. More than just a pretty photo. Something with personality. Something that didn't blur out those important, finer details. 

6. Over these few years I have captured moments for family members and friends as a hobby and a way to  give back something to my loved ones who have always used their own unique skills and knowledge to help me in my life. 

7. I have decided to take my photography one step further and do this gig professionally. My personal challenge is to convey personality in every shot. To snapshot the whole scene. So you can remember. Feel. Re-live.

If this is something that speaks to you, contact me to find out more!

Mon. X

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