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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

As time goes on, it’s easy to forget the small moments that once put a smile on your face. Our loved ones grow right before our eyes, and without looking back, we may not even realise the rate at which it happens. Baby books and photo books are a great way to capture and preserve important memories of our loved one's lives.

There are a whole array of different baby record journals and books available these days, but one very special baby book has my heart! Fifty Questions is a unique twist on your average baby journal capturing your loved one’s milestones through their responses to the same questions every year on their birthday (or whenever you have time to sit down for one or a few solid blocks of time together). In the early years, simply record in the baby book what you think they would say if they could talk. You can write down their answers to the questions when they’re a little older, or encourage them to do it themselves – documenting the change in their handwriting as time passes within the pages of the journal. For my two girls, who were early talkers, I have been able to begin asking a handful of the questions directly (gosh the answers are divine!) and the remaining questions I've used as prompts to jog my memory of important happenings and developments in their life.

An example of some of the questions. Great prompts for the earlier years.

Now, I know a lot of people feel worried that their loved ones may be too small to answer all of the questions listed in this book. My message is...don't stress! This journal is SO much more than just the answers written on the page. Firstly, it does have a first page where you can complete details about your loved one including about their birth, their features when they were born and their family. Most importantly though, the solid chunks of one on one or family time, with work and phones and meal prep aside is just as, or even more valuable than the answers jotted onto the page of this baby book. If you are anything like me, we are pulled in so many different directions each and every day, and taking the time to sit down and really listen, engage and be present together is often overlooked or overshadowed by the looming pile of laundry waiting to be washed, or dishes on the sink, or emails in your inbox, or meetings to attend, or...well, you understand. The 'mental load' we are subjected to is a real thing and i'm the first to admit it often gets in the way of me switching off and ENJOYING my kids. Cue this wonderful journal. Fifty questions laid out for you as prompts to start silly conversations with your three year old, or perhaps deeper, more serious conversations with your pre-teen. It's all about communication, fun and time together.

A page for birth details is included.

Here are a few recommendations and suggestions on how to use this baby journal:

Complete the questions either one on one, or as a whole family (this is fun with the bigger kids, especially between the ages 6 and 10). You can fill the pages with photos, messages and personal tidbits too. Drawings your child has done (watch how they change over the years!), perhaps them writing their name, or even them leaving a special message to you (or you to them). The smallest handwritten note is precious, not just for the words, but for the unique flair that’s preserved on paper. You can add in your own more personal questions, or perhaps a reflection on completion. I would HIGHLY recommend with the younger years setting up a camera in the room (away from where you or your little can be distracted by it) and record some or all of the answers and conversations it brings.

Both the answers, and one on one time together are priceless

This baby book really is the perfect baby shower or baby sprinkle gift, newborn gift, gift for a new, first time parent, or seasoned parent. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. Grab your copy and enjoy creating and eternalising your memories together.


- Case-bound hard cover book

- Eighty pages

- One double spread of 50 questions from one to 18 years

- One blank and one lined page per year for photos and notes

- Journal measures 21 x 26 cm

- Acid-free double sided tape, washi tape or photo dots are recommended for sticking photos

- Inclusive language for LGBTIQ families

- Gender neutral

- Designed and printed in Australia!

You can purchase Fifty Questions baby keepsake journal and photo book here.

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