What to wear?

When deciding what to wear to your shoot, I encourage you to think about the end result/style you have in mind for your shoot - more stylised or wild and 'everyday'. Are you enlarging these photos to hang in your house? Gifting them? Making an album? Using them as cards? etc .


Think about how all the outfits outfits will look side by side (laying them out before hand can be useful). Avoid any clashing, busy patterns, as well as logo or branded clothing as these will date and draw the eye away from you and your faces, the stars of the show! Throwing in a little colour or a beautiful, timeless pattern can be beautiful. Remember, the eye will be drawn to bright or bold colours so choose them with intention. If a family member chooses a pattern, complimenting it with block colours can break up the 'busy-ness'.  Also think about the texture of your clothes. Soft linens, lace (for maternity), floaty washed cottons, even corduroy and wool (think big wooly jumper with linen bloomers for a beach shoot) will all photograph beautifully in the right combinations. It is also important to note that the whole fam bam does not need to match in white! A mix of three or four complimentary colours will ensure that the images remain natural and not too "styled".


I encourage you to dress for the location - so for example you may choose not to wear shoes at a waterside location, or a more casual bohemian/vintage style for beach, bush or farm style settings. Choosing colours for your session is so important as it has a big impact on the overall vibe of the shots. For example, in a location with lots of green or lots of beige, throwing in some colour will help you stand out in your environment. I love mahogany, rust, muted creams, pinks and mustards. Check out this article by Geneva Vanderzeil for some help with complimentary colours. Her chart below is a great reference!

A more 'everyday' style:


Having said all of this, there is nothing I love more than capturing people in their natural element. This may involve being dressed in miss-matched shoes and hand-me-downs, messy, unkept hair and black as-soot-soles of the feet (and tops of the feet for that matter). It may involve tutus with gumboots, or bear bottoms. It may involve mamma in her trackies or mum jeans, and dad in his shorts and an everyday t-shirt. This styling is generally more suited to in-home sessions. 


Always bear in mind that the clothes you select will have a great impact on the overall vibe of your photos. No matter who takes your photo, you will still be wearing the same clothes on the other side of the shoot. So if you are hoping for a more styled look, select clothes that match that vibe. If you hope to capture the every-day wardrobe, go for that. Above all, always feel free to communicate what you are after with me beforehand.

What to bring?

The above goes for props too. You may like to bring along a special toy or heirloom blanket, especially for location shoots with babies and toddlers. Always have a think about how it will look in your images - generally something that will not date the photos and that matches the aesthetic you have in mind.

What time will my shoot be?

Generally, during daylight savings in the warmer months between 7-8am or 7-8pm. During the winter months, 4:30-5:30pm. This is to ensure soft, even light that is perfect for portraits. Having said that, we can shoot outside of these hours depending on location and the style you are after. Indoor shoots take place between 10am and 2pm to maximise the filtered indoor light. 

What will we talk about in our consultation?

We will basically discuss the above, but in more detail. It will also help us get to know each other before the shoot (if we haven't already met!!)

How will I receive my photos?

At this stage, photos will be sent to you via an online gallery where you can view and download your images. 

When will I receive my gallery?

Turn around time is generally about two or so weeks, depending on the time of year. This is something we will discuss on booking.